Happy 2012!

My 2012 has been off to a rockin start! I snagged a new job just before Xmas and have been working that 40 hours a week. It takes away a lot of the free time that I had before where I could sit in my studio and create, but now I can afford to invest in new materials and beautiful packaging.

I've been working on listing the items I made for last year's holiday markets. I lost the charger for my camera battery so that's part of the delay. I got some great pix last week and they are edited and ready to roll out but I'm trying to space out the listings so keep people popping back to my Etsy shop.

Good news: I'm working on a new line of jewelry that will start showing up in the next few weeks. It's sumptuous, elegant and very affordable! I sold a ton of it at my last market and my husband, business brain that he is, said to develop that look into a line and so here I am.

2012 is going to be My Year!