Zero to a Million in Five Seconds

I am so glad I did nothing over Spring Break and got lots of rest. This week is jammed packed with school projects and art activities. I got my roots bleached on Saturday and I haven't even been able to apply my color, I've been so busy. So I'm stuck hiding my white/green hair under a hat all week.

Today I have a time management workshop here at the University, my Artist's Way Meetup and a visit to my friend at her tattoo appointment because it's her birthday. She's having a sushi party before the tattoo sesh but I can't make it. I love sushi so much.

I am entering the final 6 weeks of the spring semester. It's only gonna get crazier from here on out. I better fasten my seat belt!


Yay New Materials!

I was able to find some of the materials in my new mixed media book. I even found a black velvet remnant at Joann. I think I have just about everything else.

It's just a matter of starting...which is where I get stuck. I never start or I never finish. Conquering procrastination & poor time management are two of my artistic goals this year.

Onward, ho!
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Books, How I Love Thee

I love books! I owns hundreds of books. Mostly arts-related non-fiction. My fiance surprised me this week with a book off my Amazon wishlist: Mixed Media explorations by Beryl Taylor.

It's about combining paper, fabric and metal to make multi-layered, multi-dimensional art. Really beautiful art in the examples.

It's currently out of stock on Amazon but definitely worth the wait!
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Sprrrrring Brrrrrrreak!

I spent the morning snoozing.
I spent the afternoon snoozing,
Just got back from eating a late lunch and now I'm waiting on my fiance to get home so we can go to the gym together. I didn't mean to be so lazy today especially since I slept all day yesterday, too. At least I'm going to the gym to make a little energy. Then to cook dinner!

Tomorrow, I'm meeting with my academic advisor at school to outline my classes for the fall. I also said I would attend a Texans' Day of Outrage protest at City Hall. I think it'll be fun especially since we'll be right in front of my old office on the first floor. Ha ha. I just don't know what to protest that would also make a funny slogan on a posterboard. I haven't been outraged in a while. Between the appointment and the protest, I plan on visiting the new community garden on campus and doing some photography. Yay cabbages!


Burning that midnight oil

I feel like I've been working all day. Between briefs stops at school to drop off mid-semester projects, I've been photographing, mounting, editing, listing items all day. I added 9 new items to my shop tonite! I didn't even get up from editing photos to eat dinner; i ate it at my desk! And then I went and added the best photos to Flickr and DeviantArt. Phew!

I wish I had a chocolate cake right now because I deserve a BIG piece and a glass of milk!

Tomorrow, I'll be pressing the first batch of flowers for my botanical art line and starting a polymer clay project. Busy bee! And to finish the day off, my fiance and I are going to a concert featuring my best friend's band. Yay!



I did some soul-searching last week after reflecting on comments from my Etsy Team Members and the treasuries wherein they featured a Gold & Apel item. I think i've been in about 10 treasuries in the last few weeks and most of those treasuries have featured my art rather than my crafts.

My fiance said my art looks pro while my crafts are just stuff I do. I agreed with him wholeheartedly so I'm taking Gold & Apel (and myself, of course) back to my art. I have a long list of subjects to draw/paint/artify next week during Spring Break. I'm also going to mount, mat and frame my art now. Total packaging. Why by a print that you'll have to have professionally framed when I can offer that same print or original I framed myself? I have about a year's worth of professional framing experience so I feel up to the task.

I spent all last weekend researching framing supplies and it feels right. Elsa, welcome to the Universe. :)


Liking Sushi Doesn't Translate into Origami-fu

I need to make a paper sculpture still-life drawing for class so I thought I'd be clever and find some sweet origami to spice things up.

This is a clam shell. Battered but not broken.

I am slain.
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Living in Finland Through My Dreams...and Fabric

I've been a huge fan of Finnish music and culture for years. Last year, I finally got the chance to travel to Finland. I spent about 6 days in Helsinki and they were the best 6 days of my whole Scandinavian tour. I was walking down one of the main streets in Helsinki one morning and almost died from excitement when I saw the Marimekko store! Marimekko is one of the top Finnish textile companies. I swear I jumped up and down in the street!

A few days later, I felt brave enough to venture in and make a purchase. Everything was so cute and colorful. I decided on a duvet cover and got it in this pattern:

Isn't it precious?! And tonite, I discovered the website for Marimekko New York: http://www.kiitosmarimekko.com/index.html so I can buy beautiful fabric for all my projects! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Drawing Class Project

Some mixed media drawings of my shoe. I need to add text to the last two but I'm not sure what I should write. Hmm....
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