Building Steam

I created a new weekly schedule for myself last week. It includes gym time, meals, study time, craft time, etc. I also on a new social media schedule. Today was my first day of the new schedule. So good, so far. I finally finished the signs for the gift shop at work that I started before Xmas last year. They rook mahverous. I used my Cricut machine to cut the letters so the signs would look professional. Right now, we have hand-written, but neat signs up.

Next on the drawing board is catching up with my 2011 production schedule. I'm already 3 batches behind. I may not be able to make a million things tonite since I want to go to bed on time, but 2 or 3 items will make me feel very accomplished. Eating elephants through one bite at a time!


Which of these don't belong?

This is my cat, Pnickel, being her usual in-the-business self. She gets in the way a lot of the time but rarely disturbs my supplies. She steps very deliCATely. Ha. But then she'll plant her furry butt right on my work. Her butt also enjoys my late nite reading in bed books.

Do you have a busybody cat or dog that always wants to be where you are?
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another business chat

had a test earlier today and finished that pretty quick so i came to the art dept computer lab to put in some social networking time for Gold & Apel (Facebook & Twitter) and i ended up updating my shop banner and avatar. Go take a look and tell me what you think! i think they're nifty!

business chat

omg am i working hard to drum up some business. i joined a few etsy teams and have been exchanging links, friending, liking, following, replying, sharing, tweeting, facebooking like a madwoman! i'm also partnering with azrael's accomplice designs and black swan theory to cross-promote our etsy shops and facebook pages.

as i mentioned in an earlier post, i hit 100 fans this week on facebook. 200 fans is the next goal. then i'll do a giveaway. my google analytics reports are exciting. i want to increase my total page views and view time per page. hopefully, all this promotion frenzy will pay off.

spring break (mar 13-18) is the next big craft-a-thon. my classes have me so busy with homework, it's impossible to spend the needed hours on gold & apel. i can't wait! my sewing machine is going to earn it's keep that week!


It's Finally Here!

I finally broke 100 fans on facebook! I promised a coupon code, so here it is: THX100FANS! It's for 10% off so get to shopping if you've always wanted some Gold & Apel items. Next up: 200 fans, new coupon code!



shake it like a salt-shaker!

my brother brought home a truckload of kambuche last nite. so glad that stuff is back on the market! i wonder if the mango one i like is back, too. nom nom.

haven't had a chance to work on anything gold & apel. i'm on this new diet and exercise thing in order to get back to size cute before my wedding. all the exercise makes me sleepy at nite so i'm actually sleeping again instead of staying up all nite making things.

i'll find time. i know i will. in the meantime, why don't you join me on facebook at .facebook.com/goldandapelshop?


snow day work day

all of houston is shut down in anticipation of snow and ice on the roads. there's ice all over my truck and driveway but so far, no snow. :( my brother needs a snowball in the ear, actually.

my university canceled all classes tomorrow so i'll be home working on my first official Gold & Apel project of the year. i'm a little late starting it because of classes and homework and fiancé-time. i'm making ribbon and felt cuffs and it involves using my sewing machine and changing out the thread constantly. i'm actually glad i've put off working on the cuffs because i keep coming up with better and better twists on the idea.

late last year, my dear friend carol of vaniteux salon & nano spa enlisted me to revamp her website. we got busy with halloween and then our annual gala at work and then christmas, so i finally finished it tonite. i think she's used to getting emails from me at all hours of the nite. i'm super happy with the design after fooling around with it off and on for months. but now i'm wanting to redesign other things. like my business card. i already have two boxes of cards that i barely use.

i'll probably work on prettifying this page in between fights on jersey shore.