[cats] feline millinery, attempt 1

my brother has a cat named goombie who has one eye and a very hateful disposition. but she's cute as hell with her little pinhead and her round little sausage body. i've been swearing to make her costumes for months and my brother finally challenged me to make her an army-style helmet out of felt. what follows is my first attempt at feline millinery.

i took a sheet of commercial felt, put it on her head and, using chalk, marked her ears. i cut a large rounded rectangle around the ear holes. i cut the ear holes and used a punch to make the holes for the elastic.

a top view of her cap

a side view of the cap with the rubber band i used because i couldn't find my nice elastic.

oh that hateful amber glare. i just know i'm going to wake up to something dreadful in my bed.

i think i'm going put a feather on it and call her robin hood's meowman. she is very, very angry right now.

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