i hate wordpress

i really do. i've been going back and forth between this site and my newer wordpress site. the wordpress backend screens are just plain ugly and i hate the gallery functions...even with plug-ins that are difficult to use. i used to code massive sites by hand and hack all kinds of scripts. i guess i have gotten lazy and wanton in my old age.

good news, however, i've decided on this site and i've been hard at work on my Late Winter Collection. unfortunately, my computer died over the holidaze and now i'm back to working on my ancient college computer. it took hours to download product photos and edit them and then upload them to etsy. if my computer worked as fast as i do, i'd have a million things up and done instead of having spent the majority of two days fussin and fightin with this darned thing! *stamps foot*

school starts again for me next tuesday, so it's a race against time until all my extra time is consumed with studying and art projects. PLUS, i'm getting married this summer so i'm trying to save up for those expenses. so, yes, this is me begging strangers to buy my wares so i can haz a pretty dress please.

here is a little bit of something new:

  a beaded hand-dyed cotton organdy & felt flower brooch
a hand-dyed and -felted tentacle ring

check out my etsy shop Gold & Apel for more lovely wares! more coming as soon as i can make it and post it!

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