The Beginning of a Very Long Day

Which actually began yesterday about 2pm when I finally got out of bed. Of course, I was on the borderline of being late for something, so I ran out the door and was gone til about sunset.

I worked all evening and part of the early morning on a project for school which I dubbed "Operation: Elsa!" I didn't quite finish it as some parts too much longer than expected, but I will post pix as soon as I do. When I finally went to bed, my stomach was putting up a fight so, after about an hour, I got up and started cleaning my studio. I also finally set up the massive canvas that I'm donating to a charity art auction on Wednesday. I did a rough sketch of what I want to paint. Now, to paint!

It will probably take me all nite and then I'll be going on two nites with no sleep. *sigh* Such is the life of a busy girl!

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