T Minus Forever!

I've been working up a storm at school, planning a wedding on a shoestring, still working at my job and getting ready to move. To say that I am stressed is an understatement. However, my loving fiance is helping keep my blood pressure down through his calming influence. Tonite, I placed the order for his custom wedding jacket. And I sent my attendants emails regarding their attire. Need to place orders soon!

My final projects for school are massive but attainable and definitely a challenge to my time-management skills as well as my technical skills. On top of these things, which are all due within the next two weeks, I signed myself up to paint a 4'x5' canvas for the Young Texans Against Cancer "Kiss My Grits" Gulf Coast Throwdown Art Auction. Say THAT five times fast. I'm surprised I remembered it all. I have to have that behemoth canvas ready by next Wednesday morning. The subject is the Texas state flag. Since my sanity is flagging, I'm pretty much going in with all guns blazing.

All this and I'm happier than I've ever been. Art, not blood, is pumping through my veins with a good helping of Love and Good Will. I just updated this blog with a new Artist Bio, Statement and CV as well as added a sample of my art in anticipation of "Kiss My Grits" traffic.

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