i forgot the 5th of november

so yesterday was my main job's big fundraising gala and 30th annniversary celebration. i was so wrapped up in tissue paper, glitter and tablescapes, i forgot to remember, remember, the 5th of november! i'm so sorry, guy fawkes!

i've also been busy preparing for several holiday art shows. i had an opening reception at a local gallery last friday and the closing reception is this coming friday. december has two, possibly three shows for me. i'm looking into acquiring a display system. i have no idea where i'll keep it since my studio is busting beyond busting between art supplies, auction items and clothes. ugh.

i'll be revamping my website in the next few weeks as i get more shows and exposure. i usually go all out on my websites which is why i use this blog as my main site now. i really wear myself out with all the html drama. hoo wee, chere.

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