time crunches me

I sent off an email late last nite inquiring about a spot at a craft fair on December 3. I hope I can get in, it's a pretty popular event. I also found out about Second Saturday Craftacular. If I can swing all the making I have planned for myself, I should have enough stuff to vend there. If not next month, then maybe January.

So exciting! I went through all my craft stuff last nite and got so excited about the possibilities. I didn't go to bed until almost 2am and then I was just laying there thinking and thinking. I'm so glad I'm a creative person. Life would be so boring without craft adventures.

I'm actually going to try my hand at inspired jewelry as well as my usual prints and paintings and dolls. I raided the Bead Society's Bead & Jewelry Market last week so I have lots of fun stuff to work with. In the meantime, I have fun music on the stereo, delicious incense burning and the house all to myself!

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