busy bee

it's amazing how quickly i can destroy my  nice clean studio. i swear.

in between cleaning and organizing, i've been reading my etsy success newsletters and trying to meet the challenges. this series of newsletters is about revamping your shop to improve sales. this week, it's updating your listings. last week was updating your photos.

i got home around 11pm last nite and started fooling around on etsy, waiting for my mom to get home from her travel this week. well, i got way into revamping my listings, my mom came home and went to bed, and now i'm still here at 5am working on my listings. i just took some melatonin and i hope that will help.

i added a few original portraits to my shop, too, so go take a look. i'm loathe to part with them but i'm tired of lugging them around, trying not to damage them. better they go to a good home than get destroyed because i keep initiating craft explosions all over the place.

i think i actually feel sleepy now...toodles, everybody!

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