business chat

omg am i working hard to drum up some business. i joined a few etsy teams and have been exchanging links, friending, liking, following, replying, sharing, tweeting, facebooking like a madwoman! i'm also partnering with azrael's accomplice designs and black swan theory to cross-promote our etsy shops and facebook pages.

as i mentioned in an earlier post, i hit 100 fans this week on facebook. 200 fans is the next goal. then i'll do a giveaway. my google analytics reports are exciting. i want to increase my total page views and view time per page. hopefully, all this promotion frenzy will pay off.

spring break (mar 13-18) is the next big craft-a-thon. my classes have me so busy with homework, it's impossible to spend the needed hours on gold & apel. i can't wait! my sewing machine is going to earn it's keep that week!

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