Living in Finland Through My Dreams...and Fabric

I've been a huge fan of Finnish music and culture for years. Last year, I finally got the chance to travel to Finland. I spent about 6 days in Helsinki and they were the best 6 days of my whole Scandinavian tour. I was walking down one of the main streets in Helsinki one morning and almost died from excitement when I saw the Marimekko store! Marimekko is one of the top Finnish textile companies. I swear I jumped up and down in the street!

A few days later, I felt brave enough to venture in and make a purchase. Everything was so cute and colorful. I decided on a duvet cover and got it in this pattern:

Isn't it precious?! And tonite, I discovered the website for Marimekko New York: http://www.kiitosmarimekko.com/index.html so I can buy beautiful fabric for all my projects! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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