Sprrrrring Brrrrrrreak!

I spent the morning snoozing.
I spent the afternoon snoozing,
Just got back from eating a late lunch and now I'm waiting on my fiance to get home so we can go to the gym together. I didn't mean to be so lazy today especially since I slept all day yesterday, too. At least I'm going to the gym to make a little energy. Then to cook dinner!

Tomorrow, I'm meeting with my academic advisor at school to outline my classes for the fall. I also said I would attend a Texans' Day of Outrage protest at City Hall. I think it'll be fun especially since we'll be right in front of my old office on the first floor. Ha ha. I just don't know what to protest that would also make a funny slogan on a posterboard. I haven't been outraged in a while. Between the appointment and the protest, I plan on visiting the new community garden on campus and doing some photography. Yay cabbages!

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