I did some soul-searching last week after reflecting on comments from my Etsy Team Members and the treasuries wherein they featured a Gold & Apel item. I think i've been in about 10 treasuries in the last few weeks and most of those treasuries have featured my art rather than my crafts.

My fiance said my art looks pro while my crafts are just stuff I do. I agreed with him wholeheartedly so I'm taking Gold & Apel (and myself, of course) back to my art. I have a long list of subjects to draw/paint/artify next week during Spring Break. I'm also going to mount, mat and frame my art now. Total packaging. Why by a print that you'll have to have professionally framed when I can offer that same print or original I framed myself? I have about a year's worth of professional framing experience so I feel up to the task.

I spent all last weekend researching framing supplies and it feels right. Elsa, welcome to the Universe. :)

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