Finding Opportunities to Live Out Loud

As I blogged last time, I lost my job on my birthday. Fortuitously, a place I have long admired posted that they were hiring in a local art community page that night. I applied and got the job! I had told the owners many times over the two years they've been open that I would love to work for them. If I had still been employed that day, I wouldn't have even been able to consider working for them.

I'll be working for a local creative reuse center as their merchandiser. It may not sound like a huge task because its technically a small building, but its going to take some weeks to get everything in order there, especially since there is new merchandise arriving daily. You might remember that I took some classes there recently. I just adore that place and the people who run it.

Just on the day to day business of keeping the store nice and orderly, I'll be meeting lots of creative people who come in looking for neat things to use in their art. It will be lovely to work for a place whose mission I agree with and support instead of a place that makes me feel like I am at a dead-end pushing paperwork all day.

In the meantime, while I am waiting for the my first day at the center, I have been keeping busy making jewelry. Here are two pieces I finished last night:

Bracelet: brass, vintage Czech glass, Czech crystal. 7.5"

Black version of my Ghost necklace:
brass, black agate, glass, Czech crystal, Swarovski crystal. 22"
Today, my new soldering iron arrives so I'll be busy making lots of new trinkets to add to my jewelry designs. It might even be occasion to post on a Saturday! Hear, hear!

How will you be finding opportunities to create and live positively this Friday?

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