Launching & Crowdsourcing into Outer Space

Tonite, I will begin my crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.com to fund more growth for Gold & Apel. I've got my little script, my budget, my rewards list and my video stills ready. Just have to film the me-parts and edit it all down to a sweet little clip.

I am so very excited about this huge new step for my company. I've been following Tara Gentile over at ScoutieGirl.com and Andreaa Ayers at Joy, Launch, Grow for a while and, earlier this week, I subscribed to Tara Mohr's newsletter. Been getting really inspired by the over-reaching "THE RIGHT TIME IS NOW!" message in their recent writings. I had been toying with starting a campaign a few years ago and I finally decided that Now is The Time. If I don't take this step this week, I might never do it.

As my desire to make Gold & Apel a first-rate company offering amazing Art & Curios for Home + Body has increased, my motivation has been ramping up, especially when fueled by the wonderful newsletters, e-books and e-courses being offered by the ladies mentioned above. And my motivation shooting towards the stars makes me want to reach my goals even more. Its the reverse of a vicious cycle; its a Virtuous Circle. I'm just spiraling up and up and up and up!

Thank you for joining me on this journey and keep your eyes out for our campaign link!

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